The Safest Varicose Vein Treatments

People who have varicose veins are usually looking for a way to remove them. It makes sense; varicose veins can be unflattering and are sometimes painful and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, they do not go away on their own. The visibility of varicose veins may diminish somewhat over time, and it’s also possible that the corresponding symptoms can recede temporarily, but only a specialized procedure will remove them completely. So, which procedure is the safest? In the past, varicose vein removal required a surgery known as “stripping,” but these days, the procedures are far less invasive.

What is the safest varicose vein removal procedure?

The answer is any modern varicose vein removal procedure is perfectly safe and noninvasive. Selecting the right one depends on the location and size of the veins in question. Your physician will recommend the best for your specific situation. The main thing they have in common, though, is their noninvasiveness, efficacy, efficiency and success rate. In other words, no matter which option proves to be the best one for you, the procedure itself will be easygoing and minimally painful. Let’s take a closer look at some common varicose treatments and the aspects that make them safe.


This is a proprietary adhesive that is injected into larger trunk veins deeper into the surface to take away the pressure leading to the varicose veins on the surface.

It is approved by the FDA and was designed with gentleness and flexibility in mind. During the procedure, the physician uses a catheter to inject the affected veins with the adhesive, which prevents the blood from flowing backward into the vein. We use this procedure in our office and stand by its safety and efficacy.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation Therapy

This scientifically advanced procedure, sometimes called internal therapy, relies on lasers or radiofrequency to treat varicose veins. Using ultrasound, the physician guides a catheter through the problem vein. The energy at the end of the catheter heats the walls of the vein and seals it, reducing the size and swollenness of the varicose veins. This is another safe, minimally invasive and quick procedure that can be performed in a single office visit. No recovery time is necessary.


Microphlebectomy is an outpatient procedure that will remove varicose veins through small incisions in your skin. That might sound invasive, but it is just the opposite. Despite requiring incisions, this safe and easy treatment does not require stitches or general anesthesia and can easily be performed in your physician’s office with minimal downtime. You will be in and out before you know it, and the odds of experiencing any painful aftereffects are exceptionally low.


This procedure has a few different forms and varieties; the professionals at Carolina Vein Specialists use a method called endovenous chemical ablation, in which we use ultrasound technology to inject medication into the problem vein. The process could require more than one session, but an individual session will not last exceptionally long. The idea is to limit invasiveness, regulate downtime and keep you as free from pain as possible.

The above procedures provide some of the safest and most noninvasive varicose vein removal options out there. Contact Carolina Vein Specialists today at 336-537-5560 and book an appointment to find out which one is best for you.