Farren Wilkinson’s expertise is treating cosmetically unsightly spider veins. Her expertise has made her popular with patients who were self-conscious about their legs but now feel great again about wearing shorts and skirts following their treatments. She assists the doctors with office-based procedures, new patient consultations and reviewing ultrasound results with existing patients.

Prior to joining Carolina Vein Specialists in 2013, Farren worked on a telemetry/urology unit at Wesley Long Hospital as a floor nurse and at Forsyth Medical Center on the nephrology (kidney care) unit. Farren graduated from Winston-Salem State University in 2009 with a BS degree in nursing and from Rockingham Community College with a degree in nursing in 2007. 

Most importantly, she is a busy working mom. “I have two beautiful daughters who keep me just as busy outside of the office,” she says. “We enjoy the beach, day trips and cuddles. We juggle soccer, dance and church throughout the week. They are truly the best part of me.”

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