Endovenous Chemical Ablation
Endovenous chemical ablation is designed to close unhealthy veins, relieving symptoms in the process.

Pain, heaviness, aching and restless legs from vein disease can be treated by eliminating the back flow pressure from unhealthy veins under the surface of your skin. Using an ultrasound to see these abnormal veins, we will inject a medication designed to close the veins, eliminating the symptoms and helping to make any surface veins disappear. The treatment is done in the office, while you’re awake. You can walk out and return to work and normal activities.


“ I was impressed with Carolina Vein Specialists' cutting-edge technology.”

— Gary C.

Carolina Vein Specialists was the first practice in the Triad, the second in North Carolina, and among the first 100 providers nationwide to obtain the prestigious IAC accreditation.