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M.O.C.A. - ClariVein®
Carolina Vein and Laser Specialists is the first medical practice in the Triad to treat patients with this amazing technology, providing an alternative to laser and RF , with significant benefits to treat painful, achy legs due to vein disease

Unlike Laser and RF, which uses thermal energy (heat) to close veins from the inside, the MOCA procedure (Mechanical Occlusion with Chemical Assistance), otherwise known as ClariVein® in the United States, uses a blunt-ended, rotating fiber that gently, but rapidly spins in the inside of veins, agitating the lining, while a chemical used to normally treat veins is then injected to assist in the closure of the abnormal vein.  Laser and RF have a limitation in that they require numbing around the vein to protect the tissue from being injured by the heat.  The numbing is effective, but laser and RF cannot be used in the lower calf due to potential nerve injury.  Because ClariVein® works strictly inside the vein, there is no risk of nerve injury.  No anesthesia is necessary.  Patients experience a vibration sensation. It is performed through a tiny entry point -- no stitches or staples.  The procedure is quick, performed while you are awake, in the office avoiding hospitalization, and you will be able to immediately walk and return to most activities with few limitations.  

Speak to Dr. Greenberg or Dr. Featherston at Carolina Vein and Laser Specialists to see if this procedure is right for you.