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Sclerotherapy is considered to be the "gold standard" for spider vein treatment.

With sclerotherapy, a small amount of solution is injected through a tiny needle directly into the unsightly vein. The solution injures the vein wall, causing it to close. Over time, the body reabsorbs the vein, giving the appearance of gradual fading.

Sclerotherapy is commonly considered the "gold standard" for spider vein treatment and has been in use for many years. Although saline (concentrated salt water) has been used in the past, it tends to be painful. Newer, FDA-approved medicines used in our practice are far less painful, and result in much better results with less side effects. In the hands of a trained vein specialist, it is a safe and effective vein treatment. Depending on the extent of veins treated, more than one sclerotherapy session may be needed to achieve maximum clearance.

“ To my surprise, the procedure was nothing….very little if any discomfort. My advice is don’t put it off like I did.”

— Judy G.

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